Past Lives? Aura?

When I was a kid I used to always say “I want to go home” my mum never knew why I used to say it as we was at home when it was said.

I never knew myself why. It was like this overwhelming urge and I just said it. It was like all this energy entered my body. I used to try and stop myself from saying it, it really confused me on what I meant, i’d be sat on my sofa and would just say “i want to go home” This happened up until the age of 8 years old, then it never happened again. Did I just grow out of saying it or did I realise it wasn’t “normal” to be saying things like that so I felt embarrassed? 

I also used to draw stick figures as a kid and draw loads of different coloured circles round them. I can’t remember if I used to actually see colours around people back then or not but I believe I may have been seeing aura. That all stopped when I started going to school. Mum believed it was because I seen none of the other kids drawing like that. So I just stopped.

If anyone else has had experiences like this, please feel free to comment. Would love to hear your stories.


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