Past Lives? Aura?

When I was a kid I used to always say “I want to go home” my mum never knew why I used to say it as we was at home when it was said.

I never knew myself why. It was like this overwhelming urge and I just said it. It was like all this energy entered my body. I used to try and stop myself from saying it, it really confused me on what I meant, i’d be sat on my sofa and would just say “i want to go home” This happened up until the age of 8 years old, then it never happened again. Did I just grow out of saying it or did I realise it wasn’t “normal” to be saying things like that so I felt embarrassed? 

I also used to draw stick figures as a kid and draw loads of different coloured circles round them. I can’t remember if I used to actually see colours around people back then or not but I believe I may have been seeing aura. That all stopped when I started going to school. Mum believed it was because I seen none of the other kids drawing like that. So I just stopped.

If anyone else has had experiences like this, please feel free to comment. Would love to hear your stories.


Multiverse? Spirits? OBE?

I couldn’t sleep I had been awake from midnight. It got to 4:30am and I had this drilling/vibration sensation in my head and throughout my body. It wasn’t the first time I had felt this. 

I had it about a month ago but I was dreaming; lucid dreaming, I was aware I was awake in my dream. In this dream I had the vibration in my head again and dropped to the floor but then I appear to come out of my body, no longer dreaming. I could see myself and my partner below as I was hovering above. I panicked and started trying to claw my way back to my body, once I grabbed hold of myself again. I woke up. I believe that it was an OBE (Out-of-Body Experience) but I was too terrified to progress with it. I wish I could have relaxed enough to let myself go.

Back to the most recent experience. It was 4:30am and I was lay down in bed facing my door when the vibration appears to happen again. This time I’m telling myself “go with it”. I hear all these whispers. Chatter Chatter Chatter. But I can’t make out a word of it. Then my room starts to change. Where my mirror should have been, there was photos but I was too far away to see who was in them. The sun was shining through my curtains like a hot summers day. But it was 4:30 in the morning, it was pitch black outside, how is this possible? Then the room suddenly goes dark and I see a dark figure approaching me. It’s then I decided to stop and tell myself to break away. Because if it was bad energy I didn’t want it attaching itself to me. 

Had I entered a different universe or a past life? Who was that dark figure? Friend or foe? 

Is it time to call upon a spiritual guide?